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Injection Specialist


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Treatment Specialist


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Practice Manager


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Treatment Specialist


Having been involved in medical aesthetics for over 13 years, I have witnessed the development of a vast number of procedures, products, and equipment that have come along for my clients to choose from. As technology improves, of course, some procedures are rendered obsolete.

Those procedures that have sound technology and exceptional effectiveness are few and far between. In my experience, the ones that do are models for the industry, a cornerstone procedure with long-lasting usefulness. Coolsculpting is without a doubt this kind of model technology.

As a doctor, what impresses me the most about Coolsculpting is its unbeatable safety profile coupled with its undeniable effectiveness. I am confident that non-invasive body contouring procedures, especially Coolsculpting, will replace liposuction in the next few years.

First, there is literally no downtime from the procedure. When finished with a 35-minute treatment, patients can proceed to carry out all their normal daily activities—exercising, taking care of children, etc.—like normal! The treatment has a very high success rate with none of the many complications seen with liposuction. Plus, it is much more affordable than liposuction, which makes Coolsculpting available to almost anyone who wants it.

From a medical standpoint, a non-invasive, safe, effective procedure that costs less than liposuction without any of the risks is a choice that just makes sense. At Imagine Body Sculpting our patients have the newest equipment and the most highly-trained specialists to provide the best experience and result achievable. Our customer service is unbeatable in the industry. You will not be disappointed and we guarantee it!


Vincent Marino, M.D.

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